The best place to invent the future is away from your desk


Asked about what we want from our professional lives, each of us would probably include at some point the success.

As part of a team, the success is a goal shared between multiple people and a mix of many expectations. It can be done on the hard way, using complicated paths, or, you can take the easy way by concentrating efforts on fulfilling their expectations, and in the same time making sure you don’t get them demotivated.
It seems quite simple, right? But how we do that?

For a team to achieve success, it needs alignment and the fulfillment of at least two conditions:

  • on the one hand, it is about fulfilling leader’s expectations (which may refer to the business objectives of the organisation, or it’s vision), and,
  • on the other hand, about meeting the expectations of the team’s members.

The latter is a complex combination of factors that vary from individual to individual: they may, for example, be related of a pleasant working environment, or can be just about recognition and appreciation of merit; and, of course let’s face it, some may be waiting for financial remuneration.
Whatever the case, they are all legit, and it is essential that expectations for the two sides to work together.

Therefore, at The Trainers, we love to share our vision, the knowledge, our ideas with titular trainers upon ongoing projects, using continuous processes that are helping us to stay focused on what really matters. And, it’s all about sharing.

So: share some, to get some.

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