Consultative Selling (Full Process)

Trainer: Razvan Dragoi


The program is designed based on experiences from the B2B, B2C sales entrepreneurship environment and is adapted to the needs that the market has generated in the last 2 years. The whole program focuses on the ability of the sales representative to understand what the situation the customer is facing, what problems appear in the activity, what are the implications. We do not go to the client to convince him, we go there to understand what he is facing.

  #Sales B2B


  • Prospecting. Game of numbers. Why prospect?
  • Initial contact. People separate from people, not companies.
  • Consultative discussion. The price is not everything. We do not sell: we help the customer to make the best decision when purcha
  • Negociation
  • Closing. Follow-up. Exploration.


  • By the end of the training program participants will acquire the necessary skills to:
  • Manage the entire consultative sale process
  • Build and develop professional prospecting mechanisms
  • Leads the consultative discussion with the client focused on the implications of the needs arising

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